Retrieval Practice: Resources and Guidance

If you want to start using retrieval practice in your teaching, or if you already are and want to try something new, here are some resources that you might find useful.

Durrington Research School suggested that a good way to include retrieval practice in teaching would be to:

Start every lesson with 3 groups of questions:

Group 1 ā€“ questions from last week.

Group 2 ā€“ questions from last month.

Group 3 ā€“ questions from last term.

You can find more information from Durrington Research School at:

Another set of good resources can be found at

Click to access RetrievalPracticeGuide.pdf

where they have produced a free, comprehensive downloadable guide..

The Learning Scientists have also put together a comprehensive resource which includes a podcast, posters and PowerPoints.

Impact, the journal for The Chartered College of Teaching, have also collated the opinions of researchers and educators including Jonathan Firth, Megan Smith, Blake Harvard & Adam Boxer. regarding retrieval practice as a tool for assessment.

Tom Sherrington has also produced a number of insightful posts and guides to different techniques and strategies that can be employed regarding retrieval practice.

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